Appliance Repair in Denver

Appliance Repair Services in Denver

Here are Denver Appliance Repair, we want to be your #1 appliance servicer. We’ve established that reputation already, all over our city: from Coors Field to Union Station, from the Pepsi Center and beyond—we offer only the best appliance repair to our customers. Citizens of Denver know they can trust us with any need, no matter how large or small. Call us today to solve any appliance problem you’ve got—no matter how large or small! At Denver Appliance Repair, we’re here for you.

Services Offered to Denver Residents

Denver Appliance Repair offers Denver residents all of the repair services they need, no matter the size or type of problem. Some of the appliances we service include:

Not Sure Why We’re the Best in our Area for Appliance Repair? Here’s a Few Reasons:

Cook Top Repair

We’ve got the years of experience to repair any brand, make, or model of residential or commercial cook top. Some “big box” service centers refuse to work on certain models, or certain vintages. Other small-time “handyman” guys don’t know the ins-and-out of complicated, modern cook-tops. Here at Denver Appliance Repair, we can do it all. Whether you have an older model cook top that needs to be fixed, or you’ve got a newer-brand cook top that just needs a tune-up—we’re here for you! Don’t trust your appliance to anyone else in the business!

Dishwasher Repair

We have a story we like to tell about dishwasher repair. We once got a call from a friendly customer who was unsatisfied with her previous appliance repair company. Her dishwasher had broken down numerous times, and with each visit the appliance would work again for a while, only to break down again in no time. We sent one of our crack teams of appliance repair technicians out to her location, and they discovered a drain line full of old boiled rice! We asked her what she’d been cleaning in the machine, and she told us that she’d put her dirty rice steamer nearly every day after using it. We suspected that the previous company had done

their repair without letting her know what the cause of the problem was, so was never able to correct her usage error. Once we took care of her, she knew never to put the rice steamer in the dishwasher again. Now she’s just another happy Denver Appliance Repair customer!


The microwave is a very common appliance serviced by Denver Appliance Repair. We get more calls for broken or poorly-operating microwaves than for anything else. We’re glad we do, because microwaves are not to be operated on by amateurs. You might be a DIY wizard, but no one should open up the dangerous components of microwave appliance without proper training and certification. Even if you’re able to repair the microwave and get it running again, you’ll have no way of knowing if it’s operating within specifications that are safe for you or your family. Don’t hesitate to call us first, so you’ll know the job is done right!

Customer Service

Have you ever dealt with a “big box” appliance repair company? If so, you probably know the feeling of being treated like a number. Maybe you even had the “pleasure” of talking with a robotic answering service. At Denver Appliance Repair, we treat our fellow Denver residents the right way. You’ll always talk to a human when you call our customer service hotline, and we’ll always treat you the way you should be treated: like an individual whose problems matter. We’ll treat you with respect, and take care of you from start to finish!

Rely On Us

You’re a discerning customer, and we know that you want only the best for your business or family. That’s why you need to rely on us for all of your appliance repair needs in the Denver area. Whether it’s a washing machine or a dryer, your fridge or your stove top, we’ll be sure that you’re left satisfied with the repair and maintenance of your appliance. Furthermore, we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the customer service you receive, as well. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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If you’re suffering the inconvenience of a broken or poorly-operating appliance, don’t delay! Call Denver Appliance Repair for all of your appliance needs. We are the #1 appliance repair company in our area, and we earned that spot for a reason! When you call us, you’ll get only the best customer service and repair.

Call us right away to talk to a friendly representative! You won’t regret it!

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