Avoiding Costly Freezer Repair

standalone_1175x1290-2The most common reaction most of us experience when we open up our freezers and find that they don’t seem to be working is to start yelling that someone forgot to shut the door. The second reaction that most people have will be looking to make sure that the freezer is still plugged in. If the problem doesn’t seem to be caused by either of these two things, it will be time for you to start thinking about freezer repair and what you can do by yourself.

How Stuffed is your Freezer?

When you talk to freezer repair specialists, you’ll learn that a surprising number of the calls they respond to end up being for freezers that happen to be in perfectly good working order. It turns out that the reason the freezer was no longer working the way it should had to do with the fact that the owner was never shown the best way to pack the food. In order for the air to flow properly, you need to make sure you haven’t blocked the vents, and that you’ve left at least an inch of empty space between the top of the freezer, the back wall of the freezer, and your food. Rearranging the freezer will be the only freezer repair needed.

Is it Time to Defrost?

While the auto defrost feature can be nice, you shouldn’t rely on it. You need to regularly examine your freezer. The more frequently you open and close your freezer door, the greater less likely it is that the auto defrost unit will function properly, and you will have to arrange to defrost your freezer the old fashioned way. Which will require you emptying the freezer until all the built up frost has melted.

There are three more things you’re going to want to look for as well.

  • It’s not uncommon for the seals on your freezer doors to stop working properly. You can check this by slowly running your hands along the seals and feeling for leaks. If the seals have ceased to work, you don’t need a new freezer, you simply need to contact a freezer repair specialist and have them replace the seals. Not only will your freezer run more efficiently, your contents will be less prone to freezer burn.
  • How much time has passed since you last cleaned the coil on the back of your freezer? When this is full of pet hair and dust, your freezer won’t get an adequate amount of air flow. The longer you put off vacuuming the coil, the greater the likelihood that you’re freezer will break down and need extensive repair work.
  • How long since you checked out the thermostat. Not only do you need to make sure it’s set properly, you should use a second thermostat to make sure it’s properly calibrated.