How to Get the Most From Your Thermador Oven

pro-grand-steam-range2A faster way to get supper cooked at night can be achieved with the purchase of a Thermador convection oven.  The fan installed in the convection oven makes this oven different than the regular conventional oven that just has the heated coils.  Be prepared to make a few changes to your cooking preparation habits to ensure you use the Thermador to get the full benefits. Our technicians are specially trained to service and repair Thermador Convection ovens.

How a Thermador Convection Oven Works

The Thermador convection oven works by spreading the heat that the oven puts out with the use of fans, so that the heat is evenly distributed to the item that is in the oven.  Not only will this cook your food more efficiently than with a conventional oven, it will also take less time for the meal to cook.  This will be a learning process as you can probably gauge what adjustments will need to be made after cooking in it multiple times to get the most use out of your convection oven.

It is a major advantage to any working parent or even a stay a home parent to be able to prepare meals quicker.  Nobody wants to spend all afternoon in front of the oven cooking supper, and the Thermador ovenwill give you more time to do other things you need to do.  Not only will it save you time in the kitchen, the convectional oven will also cook your meals to perfection.  With the advanced fan installed in the convectionoven, food gets cooked thoroughly as the heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking dish.

Lower the Heat

The Thermador convection oven is able to provide more heat than a standard conventional oven, therefore allowing you to reduce the heat by 25 degrees Fahrenheit than what is suggested on the recipe.  As with a standard conventional oven, it is recommended to preheat your convectional oven before placing cookware in it.  The time it takes to preheat a 27 to 30-inch Thermador convection oven will vary between 11-13 minutes total.

What Cookware to Use

The shorter in height the pan you have, the better when cooking in the Thermador convection oven.  You may also find it more convenient and easier for the smaller cookware types to fit into to convection oven.  It does not matter, however, if you are using a dark or light pan in the convectional oven, you will not need to adjust the temperature as you may have to in a standard conventional oven.  A tip from the company on baking the most delectable cookie is to use a light colored aluminum baking sheet in the Thermador convection oven.

Checking the Temperature

As you may do with a conventional oven, it is a good idea to check your food when you start to smell it in your convectional oven.  Because food seems to cook faster in the convectional oven, you will want to be on standby somewhere close to your oven to be sure you do not overcook your food.  You do not want to open theoven door multiple times to check your baking product, so the best way to make sure your food is cooked thoroughly is to invest in a food thermometer.  Once inserted into the center of your dish, the thermometer should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit.