Basic Fixes For Your Jenn-Air Refrigerator

standalone_1000x1000If you want a high-quality, durable refrigerator that will serve you well for many years to come, you buy a Jenn-Air.  If you are looking for the best combination of state-of-the-art technology and thoughtful design look no further than a Jenn-Air.  A Jenn-Air refrigerator will also look great in your kitchen since it is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and give you a wide range of customizable storage options.

Even if you run into a few of the common problems that individuals experience with Jenn-Air refrigerators, you can rest assured that they are easy to solve by following our expert advice.  In the unlikely event of a more serious problem, you can call the Jenn-Air refrigerator repair team to help you out.  Knowing the difference between a minor problem and a serious problem can prevent you from making matters worse.

Problem: Jenn-Air Side-By-Side Refrigerators come with Filtered Ice and Water.  What if the red filter change indicator light will not go out even after the water filter has been replaced?

Solution: The most common solution to this problem is that the water filter indicator light needs to be reset.  Simply hold down the Water button and the Lock button at the same time for about four seconds or so.  The indicator light will reset itself and will show this by blinking green three times.

Problem: Jenn-Air Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerators should not have white debris floating in the water after I change the water filter right?

Solution: Right.  The reason behind the white debris has nothing to do with the refrigerator though.  This is an indication that you have a hard water problem.  The white debris comes from hard water buildup and limescale that breaks off into the water system. The water filter is not always able to filter all of these pieces of debris.  A water softener is the best way to completely eliminate this problem.

Problem: Jenn-Air refrigerator with mold on the defrost tray.  Mold is always bad, and it is impossible to access the entire defrost tray to get in all cleaned off.  Help!

Solution: This problem is about access and the simple solution to be able to access the entire defrost tray is to remove the kick panel in the refrigerator.  This will allow you complete access to the entire defrost tray.  You can also solve your mold problem by pouring a mixture of bleach and water into the defrost tray and allowing it kill the mold.  After the mixture dries it can be blown out of the tray with a bit of air.

Problem: A Jenn-Air Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator should not have ice forming around the door right?  Another problem is that all of the food in the freezer has a frosty appearance even though the freezer is only set on three.  What’s going on?

Solution:  It sounds like warm air is entering the refrigerator based on the frosty appearance of the food.  You should check to make sure that the door of the freezer is closing properly.  If there are no obstructions around the door you should also check the seals around the doors to make sure they are not damaged.