Sub Zero Maintenance Tips

231054805We hope you don’t need to repair your sub-zero refrigerator anytime soon, because repairs can be quite expensive. With proper maintenance, though, these costs can largely be avoided. At Denver Appliance Repair, we make it a priority to take care of your high quality refrigerator. We are committed to increasing the life span of your refrigerator unit at a fraction of the cost, if any at all. Below are some helpful ideas on how to preserve your Sub Zero fridge.

Storing Food in Your Sub Zero

  • Don’t allow the sub-zero refrigerator to get any hotter or colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Avoid at all costs storing uncooked foods like seafood, chicken, and meat with other types of foods. These juices may drip and contaminate other foods.

Cleaning the stainless steel exterior

  • Clean the exterior of your Sub Zero with a soft, non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner. Then apply it to the surface with a 100% free of lint rag.
  • Finish your cleaning with a light mixture of soap and water.

Sub Zero manufactures some of the best refrigerators available, when you need to get your Sub Zero repaired, make sure you hire a company that specializes in Sub Zero refrigerator repair.
You should pay close attention to the lighting in your kitchen to keep your refrigerator looking as nice and new as possible. For example, to bring out the luster of the unit, wipe softly the fridge with a mosit microfiber towel. Finish drying with a polishing chamois product. Don’t let the rag get far away from the stainless steel.

Cleaning the Interior

Washing the interior of the unit as well as the removable parts is a snap with a light solution of soap and luck warm water. You should also add some baking soda. Make sure to NOT use vinegar as this can damage parts of the fridge. Rinse and dry but don’t allow water on the lights, display panel, and/or control center.

Cleaning the Glasswell

Clean the glass well with some soap, water, and baking soda solution. Make sure to check what model number you have as well before going forward. Wipe everything up after you take out the dispenser water grill.

How to clean the condenser on your Sub Zero

Find the condenser at the back end of the grill. Remove it. Use a bristle brush that is soft and vacuum any lint and/or dust stuck in the condenser. Do a regular cleaning every few months.

Cleaning the ice chute

You will need to clean the ice chute, which is a clear plastic housing, if ice becomes lodged in the unit. The ice chuted directs the ice to the glass well ice dispenser, located in the door, from the freezer. In order to properly clean it, take out the touching shelves and unscrew the screw located in the side panel’s bottom left corner. Then you’ll be able to see the ice chute. Press the two locking side tabs. This will allow you to pull it up.