FAQ About Dryer Care

pdpdefault-dv45k6200ew-a3-600x600-c1-052016If you are looking for help with dryer problems, check out these frequently asked questions. Learn how to properly maintain your dryer so that it lasts for years to come.

How Long Is It Supposed to Take to Dry My Clothes?

Your dryer should be able to dry a large load in 45 minutes. If it takes a lot longer than 45 minutes, that could be a problem. Sometimes a clogged vent tube is to blame but to find out for sure contact a dryer repair professional.

How Often Do I Need to Clean Out My Lint Filter?

Clean the lint filter after every load.

What Kind of Vent Do I Need?

To comply with national and local building codes, dryers must have metal ducts. Stiff aluminum tubing pieces are best because they are very rigid and won’t bend and collect as much lint. It’s okay to use the flexible aluminum ducting as an alternative, but you should be aware that it is more likely to get clogged or collect lint.

Can I Use White Vinyl Tubing?

No! Choose aluminum tubing. The white vinyl ducts are extremely flammable and cause a major fire hazard. If the dryer got too hot or sparked, the tubing would quickly ignite and cause a dangerous house fire.

Do I Need to Oil the Motor in my Dryer?

You should never oil your dryer’s motor or roller. Dryers are made to work without any necessary oiling. When you notice a weird noise or a new squeak, you probably need to clean or replace the roller or a pulley. If you need us to come out and repair your dryer, give us a call at (720) 763-9019 to schedule an appointment.

Is It Cheaper To Run a Gas Dryer Than An Electric Dryer?

Gas dryers are much cheaper. On average, it costs half as much to run a gas dryer when compared to electric dryer costs.

Will It Hurt My Dryer to Use a Dryer Softener Sheet?

Maybe. The dryer sheets won’t hurt the dryer right away, but over time they leave behind a residue that could cause problems. Sometimes residue from dryer sheets can clog up the moisture sensor or cause an invisible screen on the lint filter. The sheets could also get stuck in the vents. To avoid problems, make sure you pull the dryer sheets out after each load. Clean your lint screen from time to time with a soft toothbrush and a drop of detergent. You can remove residue from the moisture sensor with a dab of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

Does It Really Matter If My Dryer Is Level?

Yes, it does. If you want your dryer to work properly, it should be level. If it not level, some of the components will wear out too early.