Ice Maker Repair Services

Ice is a common household need. We use it to cool our drinks, heads and keep our food frozen in a cooler. Some freezers come equipped with ice makers inside and provide us with ice without going to a nearby store to buy it. Even so, ice makers break and you may not know how to make the repair.
Denver Appliance Repair Service has ice maker repair service for those who are running into this issue. We’d like to fix your ice maker and offer you an upkeep plan where we can continually check to see if everything is working right.

Common Problems with Ice Makers

  • Ice has a strange odor
  • Ice has a bad taste
  • Loud noises coming from the ice maker
  • Dirty or discolored ice
  • Water Leaks
  • Overheating
  • Small or strangely shaped ice
  • Low productivity
  • No ice at all
  • Coolant Leaks

These are all problems you may run into with your ice maker. Denver Appliance Repair can provide help and make sure your ice maker is working again. If you do not try to get your ice maker repaired, it may cost hundreds to get a new ice maker.riencing.
When you call us, we will try and find out what the problem is with your ice maker. Our specialists have a lot of experience and may be able to tell you what is wrong right away. We will set up a time to go out to your place and fix your broken ice maker.

Part of what makes us so appealing to customers is the savings we offer!

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Ice Maker Maintenance Program

We offer a program that is set up to go check on your ice maker regularly. We do this by planning a 6 month or yearly checkup and can help make sure nothing is going wrong. Even if something does become a problem, we will know the specific details of your ice maker.
While we do not list the prices of our ice maker upkeep program online, you can contact us to find out the cost. You can request specific details of things you wish for us to look at and what time of day would work for you. Planning will make it much easier for our team to come out to your place at a time you choose

Commercial Ice Maker Repairs

If you own a commercial ice maker, Denver Appliance Repair can provide help. We offer repairs for these ice makers as well as smaller ones you may have in your home. If you would like for us to come out and check on your commercial ice maker, please let us know before we send someone to your location.
We know if you are using an ice maker for business you may want us to make repairs fast. You can talk to us about getting repairs done in 48 hours. While this is not always possible, it may be and we would like to get your ice maker so that’s it working again.

Setup your Ice Maker Repair

Hopefully, you will give us a call when something goes wrong with your ice maker. You can visit the contact page on our website or call us from the number that’s on top of web page. We would like to fix your ice maker and make sure problems don’t arise in the future.
You can look at our service guarantee from various other services we offer. Basically, we want to make sure everything is done right and money is being saved by the customer. If you have questions regarding anything, make sure to let us know as well.

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