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It is really interesting how an oven – a cooking appliance that you can encounter in every household – is one of the first cooking inventions in human history. Of course, modern ovens are way more complex than their ancient counterparts. Our state-of-the-art ovens boast high BTUs and incredible energy efficiency, to say nothing about useful features such as meat probes and a self-cleaning mode. Yet, there is a certain drawback in such an astounding number of innovative features in modern ovens – and that is, once a certain feature or even the whole appliance starts malfunctioning we often feel anxious about the amount of effort we would have to put into troubleshooting the problem on our own. It seems that modern appliances are just too complex for fixing them the old way!
It does not mean you should get rid of your oven completely – sometimes a professional technician can fix the problem in just several minutes! Of course, the repair complexity depends on a number of factors and it is not always possible to come up with a simple troubleshooting solution – it is always a good idea to let a technician have a look at your appliance first and give you an estimated price of the repair.

The Most Common Issues we Encounter with Ovens

Gas Oven not Lighting

While ovens are normally sturdy appliances that are built to last, both burners and heating elements, in particular, can often be a subject of malfunctioning, due to the fact that these vital oven parts are affected by high temperatures. The most common reason why your gas oven won’t light up is a faulty igniter. The igniter itself is a rather complex device. Its main functions are to open the gas valve that lets the gas out the pipe and in the burner and to ignite the gas with an electric spark. Sometimes the problem can be caused by a damaged circuitry in your oven when the igniter receives insufficient power supply. Another common reason can be a damaged control panel or a broken knob shaft.

Fan in Convection Oven is not Working

While this problem is easier to diagnose, fixing it may still be a complicated task. If the fan is producing a loud noise but seemingly fails to ventilate the oven properly, the problem can lie in either a clogged vent or damaged fan blades. In case the fan itself doesn’t start, the malfunctioning may be caused by a variety of issues – mostly likely it is either a broken fan motor, a wiring issue, or even a fault in the control board.

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Oven not Self-Cleaning

The oven self-cleaning is a rather lengthy process, during which the appliance will heat up to over 1000 degrees. Naturally, the manufacturers are doing their best to make sure the appliance will stay as safe as possible during this process. Therefore, it is obligatory for the oven to lock up its doors when you activate the self-cleaning mode.
The mode will simply not activate if the lock is not engaged! Sometimes the self-cleaning mode will activate successfully, but fail to actually clean the surface of the oven. If the pyrolytic coating is not damaged, the most likely reason is a malfunctioning thermostat. Finally, the problem can lie in a damaged control board or even a control panel.

Heating Elements won’t Heat

Heating elements are the most vulnerable parts of electric ovens. They are constantly subjected to high temperatures. This means that if your electric oven won’t heat, while the lights and other elements of your appliance seem to work correctly, the most likely reason for this fault is a broken heating element. Electric ovens have baking and broiling elements aligned along the inner walls. While the appearance of the elements may vary, they are structurally similar.

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