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Some people consider the washing machine as one of the greatest inventions in the world. The Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang claims that the washer beats even the Internet when it comes to economic impact. In fact, it totally changed the way we live and spend our free time. Instead of washing clothes by hand for hours, washer allows us to be involved in more productive activities. Unfortunately, like most appliances, washing machines might have some problems over time. When your washer breaks down or stops working properly, Denver Appliance Repair Service can help you to fix it at the soonest possible time!

Here are some of the common problems that can cause the washing machine not to work:


If your washer is making a loud noise, here are the top five most probable causes:

Worn tub bearing

The tub bearing keeps the inner tub spinning smoothly, but if the bearing wears out, the washer can become very noisy.

Defective shock absorbers

Since the shock absorbers dampen the vibration of the tub, a worn or damaged shock absorber can result in the washer shaking or vibrating and running noisily.

Malfunctioning drive motor

While washer motors are normally very quiet during operation, a malfunctioning motor can run loudly.

Defective drain pump

If the washer is making a loud squeaking sound during the drain cycle, the drain pump might be defective or clogged with debris. If the pump is free of obstructions but continues to make noise, it should be replaced with the new one.

Faulty water inlet valve

If the washer makes a shuddering or knocking sound during the fill cycle, the water inlet valve may be at fault. Mineral deposits can build up in the valve, creating a restriction that causes the noise.


If your washer won’t agitate, here are the most probable causes:

Broken drive belt

For many washer models the tub is rotated by a drive belt. Over time, the belt can wear out or break, which will prevent the tub from agitating.

Damaged stator/rotor

Some models have a stator and rotor that interact to create a strong magnetic field, which causes the tub to agitate. If the stator windings or rotor magnets are damaged, the tub may not spin or agitate until one or both of the components are replaced.

Malfunctioning door lock

The control or timer locks the washer before operation begins. If the door lock switch is malfunctioning, the washer may not agitate even with the door closed.

Faulty timer

On some models, a faulty timer may be responsible for the washer not agitating.

Defective motor control board

If your washer uses a drive motor, belt and pulley to rotate the tub a defective motor control board may prevent the tub from agitating.


If your washer won’t fill, here are the most probable causes:

Defective water inlet valve

When the control or timer is set to a wash cycle, voltage is sent to the water inlet valve, which opens, allowing water to fill the tub. If any of the solenoid coils inside the inlet valve have failed, the tub will not fill.

Malfunctioning door lock

The control or timer locks the door before the fill cycle begins. If the door lock switch is malfunctioning, the washer may not fill even with the door closed.

Malfunctioning water level valve

The water level switch has a tube that connects to the side of the tub. As the tub fills with water, air pressure increases in the tube. When a sufficient amount of water has filled the tub, the pressure in the tube causes the water level switch to shut off the voltage to the inlet valve, closing it and stopping the water flow. If the water level switch is malfunctioning, the tub may only fill partway or not at all.

Low water pressure

Your home’s water pressure may be too low for the water inlet valve to operate properly. If the water pressure is below 20 pounds per square inch, the tub may fill too slowly or not at all. To help identify this problem, shut off the water supply, disconnect the hot and cold water supply lines from the inlet valve, and hold them over a bucket or a wash tub. Now turn the water supply back on and observe whether or not there is a strong flow of water jetting out of the lines. A weak flow indicates low water pressure, which could be caused by a problem with the water supply lines or valves.

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