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A stove is an important kitchen appliance, which people cannot cook delicious dishes without. It has significantly changed our lives allowing us to cook like a chef at home. If your stove won’t work, it can be a frustrating experience.
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Here are some of the most common issues with stoves:


If your gas stove burner won’t light, here are the most probable causes:

Malfunctioning spark ignition

When the electrical contacts inside a spark ignition switch closed, current is allowed to travel to the spark module, which produces high voltage pulses to all of the electrodes. The pulses cause a spark to occur between the electrode and the grounded burner cap. The gas and air mixture at the burner head is ignited by the spark, which produces a flame. If one or more of the spark ignition switches are malfunctioning, voltage won’t reach the spark module and the burner won’t light.

Defective spark electrode

If a spark electrode is malfunctioning or worn out, it may not produce a spark or the spark may be too weak to ignite the gas. A defective electrode will make a clicking sound when the burner is turned on, but the burner will not light.

Faulty spark wire

This spark wire connects each spark electrode to the spark module. If the wire is faulty, the electrode may not receive the high voltage pulse necessary to create a spark.

Malfunctioning spark module

Since the spark module contributes power to all surface burner spark electrode, a malfunctioning module could prevent a burner from lighting. If you have determined that the ignition switches, electrodes, and spark wires are all working properly, the spark module should be replaced to solve the problem.


If a surface element on your electric stove is not working, here are the most probable causes:

Burned out surface element

Electric stoves have two common styles of surface elements: a conventional coil and a smooth top radiant coil. Each element is controlled by its own switch. When the selector knob is turned to a heat setting, the switch allows voltage to travel to the element closing the circuit and causing the element to heat. If the element does not heat, then it is likely that the component has burned out.

Damaged element receptacle

Over time the context in the element receptacle can burn out, which will interrupt the voltage being sent to a conventional coil element. If the contacts are visibly burnt or damaged, the receptacle should be replaced with a new one.

Loose or burnt wire connection

A loose or burnt wire connection is preventing the element from operating properly as well. The element power supply wires will most likely burn out near the element and you will easily detect the damage.

Defective surface element switch

The surface elements switch could be defective as well. The switch regulates the element. When the element reaches the high temperature, the switch shuts off the voltage. This cycle repeats while you are cooking to maintain the proper temperature. A defective switch may prevent the element from working at all.


If your gas range burners spark all the time, here are the most probable causes:

Faulty spark ignition switch

If the switch contacts are shorted closed, the switch will continue to send voltage to the spark module, resulting in the electrodes continuously sparking. A short is usually caused by liquid getting into the switch. If this happens, you should unplug the appliance and give the switches time to dry out.

Malfunctioning spark module

A malfunctioning module could cause the burners to spark continuously. To resolve this issue, spark module should be replaced.

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