Repair Your Oven and Get Cooking Again

standalone_1175x1290-3When you purchased your oven, you should have gotten an owner’s manual with a troubleshooting section. This section has been designed to help you diagnose the reason everything you prepare seems to be coming out under or over cooked. More often than not, after reading through this section, you will realize that the best thing you can do, will be calling a professional to handle the gas oven repair.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on trying to repair your oven yourself or if you want to have a professional look at it, turning off the gas needs to be your first priority. You’ll find a handle behind your oven, once you’ve located the handle, all you have to do is turn it. Once you’ve done this, it will be safe to investigate the source of your oven’s troubles and get started on stove repair.

Once you’ve shut off the gas, you should make a mix of baking soda and warm water and use it to remove any debris from the inside of your oven, paying particular attention to the burners. Don’t be afraid to poke at the burner and make sure that there’s not any dirt or debris built up in the burner. You might be surprised how effective a little backing soda can be when it comes to oven repair.

Sometimes scrubbing the burner won’t be enough. Sometimes the reason your oven is no longer behaving properly has to do with the igniter, a part you’ll find near the burner. Broken igniters, and ones that have grown weak, impeded your oven’s ability to heat properly. When this happens you need to have a professional come out on a gas oven repair call to replace it. Make sure the new igniter has a warranty.

The temperature sensor in your oven has a huge impact on how well your oven performs. If you’re struggling to get food to heat properly because your oven is more than 30 degrees off, you need to get a brand new sensor. When the difference is less than that, you’ll want to take of the protective metal plate, and change the calibration.
Using these tips, you can fix a broken oven and start cooking again! When all else fails, don’t hesitate to call an oven repair professional to come out and diagnose the problem.