Important Information About Refrigerators

fridge2010_side01Can I Store My Refrigerator Outdoors?

Not all refrigerators will be stored in the kitchen. Some homeowners find that they frequently have guests and need additional refrigerator space. This prompts them to wonder if they can get another refrigerator that they can store in their garage.

Yes, it is possible for you to keep a refrigerator in your garage; you should know that in order to work properly, the average temperature in your garage should rarely drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


How Much Food Can Be Stuffed into the Refrigerator?

Many homeowners think that there’s a limit to how much food can be crammed into the refrigerator. You probably don’t have to worry about overfilling the fridge. As long as the air vents haven’t been blocked, there’s no reason why you can’t keep adding food.

What Should the Refrigerator’s Core Temp be?

The rule of thumb for refrigerators is that the thermostat should be set at about 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which will be cold enough to keep your food cold, but won’t freeze it.

Can the Refrigerator Door Be Rotated?

Sometimes the way the refrigerator door opens simply doesn’t work with your kitchen and you can’t help wondering if it’s possible to move the door so that it opens the opposite direction. While this is usually something that can be done, depending on the brand, you’re going to want to have a professional handle the work.

How do you Dispose of Your Old Refrigerator

It used to be that you didn’t have to worry about disposing your old refrigerator, you just took it to the dump. Things have changed and the federal government has created some new laws about the proper disposal of old refrigerator. These days you need to contact a licensed appliance removal specialist to handle the removal and disposal of your old fridge and freezer.

How Close to Wall can the Refrigerator Be?

It’s important that your refrigerator be able to vent properly. Most manufactures suggest that making sure there’s at least 1” of empty space between the refrigerator and the wall.

Converting your Manual Defrost to Auto

If you’re refrigerator’s freezer needs to be defrosted manually, you’re going to have to accept the fact that every few months you need to empty the freezer and defrost it by hand. It can’t be converted to an auto defrost.

Replacing the Seal

Sometimes the seal around the refrigerator doesn’t work as well as it did when you first purchased the refrigerator. This doesn’t mean you have to replace your entire refrigerator. All you have to do is contact a repair tech and arrange for them to come out and install a brand new seal.

Cleaning Under and Around the refrigerator

The great thing about the newer models of refrigerators is that most of them have rollers, making it really easy to pull them away from the wall and clean behind and under them. Not only does this make your life easier, but it also means less wear and tear on your refrigerator. You’ll need to do this at least once a year so that you can remove the dust that builds up on the coil.

You’ll Love Rollers

When you’re shopping for a new refrigerator you’re going to notice that nearly all of the models have rollers. This is a great feature you’ll quickly learn to appreciate. The great thing about the rollers is that you don’t have to learn to live with the armies of dust bunnies building forts between the wall and refrigerator, all you have to do is give the fridge a tug, roll it forward, and vacuum behind it. For the first time in your life you won’t dread having to clean behind and under the refrigerator.

Creating Extra Storage Options

Adding extra shelves to most refrigerators isn’t very hard. You’ll just have to contact the manufacture and place an order for the additional shelves.

The Freezer Seems Warm

If you have a self-defrosting freezer and notice that it seems a little warmer than normal, it most likely means that it has entered defrost mode. During this time, the freezer’s temp usually increases 20 degrees. Just keep an eye on the freezer and make sure that it cools back down after a while.

Why Your Food Keeps Getting Freezer Burned

Food getting freezer burned can’t be blamed on the freezer. The freezer burn happens because you didn’t transfer the food into freezer safe containers prior to popping it into the freezer.

Refrigerator Seems To Run All the Time

This isn’t good and needs to be investigated. Common reasons your refrigerator keeps running include:

  • You’ve allowed the condenser coil to get dirty
  • The door seal needs to be replaced
  • The light bulb doesn’t shut off, even after you’ve closed the door
  • You’ve let the refrigerator get to close to the wall
  • The internal evaporator coils have frosted over
  • The thermostats defective and needs to be replaced
  • You need to have refrigerant added

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