Which is More Affordable? A New Refrigerator or Refrigerator Repairs

amana_asd2522wrd_251_cu_ft_side_by_side_refrigerator_-_silver_3It seems like every time you mention the words refrigerator repair, someone has a brand new horror story to share. It seems like there is no end to the number of different things that can go wrong with a refrigerator. The reason for what seems like an increased number ofrefrigerator repairs has to do with the fact that today’s refrigerators have so many addition features.

If you fear appliance repairs, you should stick to a very basic model of refrigerator. If you find you can’t resist the latest gadgets and gizmos, you should make an effort to learn as much as you can about refrigerator repair so you know what you can expect in the future.


Don’t freak out because you open your refrigerator door and the light doesn’t come on, or the interior feels warm. You want to take a deep breath and access the situation. Yes, the refrigerator could be in need of a repair, but it’s also possible that something else has happened. Before you call an appliance repair specialist, you want to make sure that the refrigerator is plugged in, that the circuit is on, and that the light bulb hasn’t burned out. By taking a few minutes to check these details, you could be sparing yourself from a potentially embarrassing and expensive situation.

As your examining the situation, you should think about how old the refrigerator is, the kind of condition it is in, and what the current price of new refrigerator models happens to be right at that moment. Thinking about all of these things will help you decide if you should arrange for a refrigerator repair call, or if you should start shopping for a new refrigerator.
Other Things to Consider

Just because the new models of refrigerators have an energy-efficient rating, it doesn’t mean you’ll see a significant reduction in you utility bill. You’ll be disappointed. Most homeowners have found that on the average they only save about a dollar a month, roughly the same amount a good repair would save you. In most cases, the federal tax credit was more incentive than the energy-efficiency.

Don’t think that the purchase price of the new refrigerator will be the only thing you need to consider. When weighing the cost of the new refrigerator against refrigerator repair expenses, you need to keep in mind that in addition to the purchase price, you will also have to think about how you’re going to get the refrigerator from the retailor to your house, installation charges, and sales tax. These extras add up quite quickly.

An expense that catches many people off guard tends to be the disposal of their old refrigerator. You can’t just get rid of the old refrigerator, you can’t even move it into your backyard and forget about it. When you dispose of a refrigerator, you have to follows some pretty strict rules and regulations. This is another unexpected area where the costs add up quite quickly.
More often than not, when they’ve done all the calculations, most people decide that getting a new refrigerator will cost a great deal more than investing in professional refrigerator repair.