Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

You know that familiar sound: the dishwasher is running in the background, churning away with soapy water and hot steam to clean the dishes you’ve used during the day. Maybe you run it right after a big family meal, or maybe it’s operating over night while you sleep. It might be crammed full with a feast-load of dishes, or maybe it’s just washing a few glasses for the next night.

In any case, you want your dishwasher to work the first time, every time. If it doesn’t, you’re going to be left with a load full of grimy, dirty dishes. That situation is both inconvenient, messy, and dangerous to your health! If you’re facing this scenario, or something even worse, give us a call to diagnose your dishwasher problem!

Brands Serviced by Denver Appliance Repair

Denver Appliance Repair services all major makes, models, and brands, including:

  • Maytag
  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Viking
  • Dacor
  • Fisher & Paykel

Don’t see your brand listed here? Don’t worry! We’ve got the years of experience to diagnose and work on just about any brand, make, or model of dishwasher. Call us to speak to a representative right away!

Frequently encountered dishwasher problems at Denver Appliance Repair:

Dishwasher Repair Services

  • Unit leaking
  • Loud operation
  • Dishes and silverware still dirty, grimy, or soap-stained
  • Drain problems, leaky drains
  • Hard water or soft water issues
  • Large debris remains on dishes or inside the unit
  • Display broken
  • Spray arm not rotating or stuck in positon
  • Dish racks broken or not operating properly
  • Water inlet issues, water drain issues
  • Dishwasher not turning on or off properly
  • Error codes or beeping
  • Burning smell, hot rubber smell
  • Soap receptacle broken or not latching
  • Door will not latch, broken door
  • Cleaning cycle will not finish
  • Bad smells from your unit, smell of old food

Codes, Codes, Codes!

One quirk of modern dishwashers that’s much different than older models is their ability to display error codes. If you have a digital display that is showing a specific error code, it can be both helpful and perplexing. It’s nice that the machine can diagnose itself, but you likely aren’t sure what to do with error code “E001” or “D451.” The good news is that the pros at Denver Appliance Repair know the ins-and-out of dishwashers well enough to read, understand, and interpret just about any error code that you might see. Better yet, they can usually do it over the phone! If your dishwasher is displaying a strange error code or message, call us up and let us know. We may even be able to tell you the problem on the spot!

To Repair or Replace: That is the Question

Are you feeling upset because your dishwasher is broken down? There is perhaps no more helpless feeling in a home than to have an appliance stop working suddenly. That’s why the professionals at Denver Appliance Repair are here to help. Even if your unit is broken completely, we can usually get it back up on its feet and running again! You invested in your dishwasher, and you probably don’t want to throw it out on a whim. That’s why you should call us before making a decision. Our service technicians are trained, and have years of professional experience that enables them to fix just about any minor or major dishwasher issue. It’s usually a far more cost-effective solution to fix your unit instead of replace it, and we want to help you take that path. Call us today to start the process!

Commercial Dishwasher Repair

Here at Denver Appliance Repair, we don’t just service residential needs. Yes, we are indeed here to help with even the smallest of residential service issues, but we’re also ready to help all of our commercial customers with their commercial-sized problems. Whether you’re running one dishwasher out of a small restaurant, or you’ve got dozens of dishwashers plowing through dirty dishes at giant cafeteria—we can be there to help. Our trained service technicians have the years of hardworking experience necessary to understand how to best service commercial-grade units. The stakes are high with your business, so don’t waste any time contacting us!

Our Service Guarantee

Whether you’re a residential or business customer, we guarantee the same gold-level service:

  • Call us to talk to professional customer care representative, not a recorded message
  • Set up a service appointment that fits your schedule, not ours
  • A service team will be on time to service your appliance with no delays or excuses
  • You’ll receive a written estimate every time
  • You’ll get only the best professional guidance from our teams
  • Repairs will be done quick, efficient, and right—the first time!
  • You’ll be left satisfied that you went with Denver Appliance Repair

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