Stove Repair

Stove Repair

If you’re like most Americans, you work a busy day only to come home and find a busy family waiting for you. One of the most sacred rituals of that busy family life will be preparing a delicious, healthy, and money-saving meal for the ones you love. You want to provide food that isn’t the same-old expensive, processed, fast-food junk, and the most important appliance in making that goal a reality is your stove. If your stove’s not working, you won’t be able to fix your family the quality meal that they deserve. It may be that your stove is broken entirely, or you may suspect that its performance is less than ideal. In any case, avoid inconvenience and dangerous situations by calling us as soon as you suspect a problem. Whether your stove is completely broken or just showing signs of wear, we’ll be there for you just like we’d be there for our own family.

Frequently Encountered Stove Repair Issues

If you’re experiencing a problem with your stove, the odds are it might be related to one of our commonly serviced issues:
Commercial Stove Repair

  • Range hood broken
  • Auto ignition not working, or malfunctioning
  • Burners malfunctioning
  • Heating element not working
  • Broken sensors or elements
  • Electrical problems, wiring issues
  • Temperature control malfunction
  • Flame control issues
  • Gas leaks, smell of gas
  • Digital display broken, not displaying properly

If you don’t see your problem here, don’t worry! We have the years of training and expertise to be sure that we can properly diagnose and fix your problem the first time around. There’s not a stove malfunction that we haven’t seen. NOTE: If you believe that your appliance may be leaking natural gas, please contact emergency services first, and then disable the gas supply to your home if possible. Your safety is our primary concern!


Repairing your Stove vs. Replacing

When did you purchase your current stove? Whether it’s new or old, you’d probably like to get a few more useful years of work out of your trusty machine. We grow to love our appliances, even if they’re not the fanciest or most expensive on the block. So when one of them breaks down, it can be tough to face the question of: “Throw it out, or keep it?” If you keep us in mind, you won’t have to worry about that question again!

Whether the problem is small or large–and even if your unit isn’t coming on at all–it may be possible to repair the appliance to get many more useful years of life from it. When you call us, we’ll come out for a full diagnosis, and we’ll be able to tell you honestly whether it is in your best interest to repair or replace. Sometimes you’ve just got to junk that old stove, but other times it can be easier and more cost-efficient to repair. Don’t ponder it over yourself: call us to find out for sure!

Complete Stove Repair Services Offered

You may be wondering what your experience with our appliance repair company will look like. Perhaps you’ve never found yourself in a position like this before, wondering what the next step is to get your stove up and running. If you’re reading this, all you need to know is that your worries are over. We’ll take you through every step of the process fast, easy, and professionally.

Your experience with us will begin with a simple and convenient call to our customer service center, which is local and staffed by our own employees. You’ll talk to a friendly human–not an automated robot–who will take your information and listen to your needs. Once the representative has collected what he or she needs to help you, you’ll be able to schedule a service visit to your location.

Service calls can be scheduled 24/7, 365 days a year! We come out on weekends, nights, and holidays. We know your problem isn’t waiting for you, so you won’t have to wait for us to solve your problem! There will be no hidden  fees or charges for “convenience visits.” Everything is upfront and reasonable! That’s the only way we know how to operate.

When the time comes for your service team to arrive, you’ll be meeting friendly and knowledgeable repair technicians who are expertly suited to assist you with your appliance needs. We send all our teams out in fully-equipped repair trucks, so they’ll never have to go out for spare parts or extra tools. This means that you know they’ll get the job done right, the first time, with no need to schedule additional service visits! Our team will diagnose your problem, provide a written estimate, and proceed with the repair when you’re ready. It’s just that easy!

Commercial Stove Repair Services Available

We’ve already spoken to the needs of residential clients, but we would also like to take some space to welcome new commercial clientele as well. While we can service the smallest home’s little stove-top, we also pledge to give 100% satisfaction guaranteed service to commercial customers as well. Whether you have a small restaurant with a single stove in operation, or you’ve got a top-end hotel hosting a dozen stove-top units, we can help. Our technicians have been trained to work with all brands of stoves, including high-end commercial units outside the realm of inexperienced repair servicers.

Don’t let a single penny get away from you because of broken appliances. Call us for your commercial stove needs today!

Trust In Us Because We Care

We know you’re a real person with a real life, family, and job to take care of. So don’t put your problems in the hands of some robotic company that will have you talking with machines and being serviced through hired-out contractors. Go with a company that will give you the service you deserve, from the moment you pick up the phone and talk to a representative, to the moment your trained service technician finishes the last repair on one or more of your appliances. Go with us, and you won’t be disappointed!

Call us today for estimates, advice, and friendly service!